The Shave

The Shave Portrait Project started in June 2020, during the first wave of Covid. As a freelance commercial photographer, work literally came to a stand still and so I decided to take on a role as a Carer in the Aged Care sector. This is where I met some extraordinary people.

One such person was of a remarkable gentleman by the name of Cyril. At the young age of 99 years, Cyril still lived quite independently in his two bedroom retirement villa on Sydney’s North Shore.

One morning, during my visit to provide support and care for Cyril, I watched as he sat in his favourite armchair, in his brown bath robe, shaving with his electric shaver.

As the shaver whirred and buzzed around Cyril’s face, I was instantly drawn to how incredibly his facial expressions changed with every movement of the shaver. I knew I wanted to capture this with my camera and asked Cyril if I could photograph him.

He was excited about the opportunity to have his portraits taken and quickly agreed to pose in front of my camera in a series of different portraits. It was from this moment, that the idea came to create a series of striking portraits of elderly men shaving.

This wasn’t just about capturing men shaving, but it was about celebrating our aged community in a unique way. Celebrating independence, celebrating self-respect and self-care, and celebrating the importance of looking after oneself, even at the age of 100!

I would like to introduce you to the 10 gentlemen who very kindly and graciously gave me permission to photograph them. Read on to find out what advice they give to people, in particular, the younger generation.

Cyril 99

First decide what kind of life you want, whether you want to elevate yourself into a position of trust and high income, and always do the right thing by others. Be kind.

John 91

Live sensibly, invest to build your assets. Don’t overreach yourself financially and spend more than you earn. Always live with a great sense of humour.

Joe 96

Have faith to do things with love. Not to love is not to have faith. Live your life by loving one another and show kindness and gratitude. Appreciate the small things in life.

Dennis 100

Make the most of your life as life is only a short span of time, even if you do live to be 100. Work at building connections and friends with love, and never go to sleep on an argument.


Tom 100

Don’t smoke or don’t start smoking. It’s good to see people not smoking. Life does not serve you if you sit down and worry. Enjoy what you do and be grateful.



Harry 94

Don’t be reckless with your money and be smart. Respect others to be respected back. Be discerning of people and give the time and respect to those who are worthy. Don’t put energy into people who don’t serve you. Move on.

Robert 97

Focus on education, save money and stay calm. Find security in a good job. Think a day at time and stay calm. Don’t worry about things that aren’t worth worrying about.

Edward 85

Start saving as soon as possible. Have a part time job whilst studying and don’t rely on your parent’s inheritance. Look at the problem and come up with solutions. Seek help from others and don’t try to solve problems on your own.


Be kind to people and treat everyone with respect. Work hard at your goals, and seek the help of others. Build a strong network of people around you.

Fotis 85

Always smile and be happy, and don’t worry about the things you can’t change. Your health is the most important thing in your life, so look after it.