When I think of my photographic style and philosophy, these three words resonate with me the most.

Hi, I’m Susan and thanks for dropping by…

My fascination with photography started when I was 7 years of age, when my parents gifted me my very first plastic camera. 

From childhood, I tended to look at life through a frame. It first started during our summer holidays, with a fully loaded XY Ford Falcon station wagon, packed with our luggage and an esky filled with cheese and mortadella sandwiches. Dad, Mum and my two older sisters, leaving in the early hours of the morning, excited for the long trip ahead from Melbourne to Sydney.

It was on these journeys I started looking at life through a window frame as I sat with my head against the car window looking out. I was mesmerised by the blur of the trees zooming past. I fell in love with the green fields dotted with sheep and I would watch people coming in and out of shops, wondering where they were heading to next.

I am drawn to photographing people the most. My ability to connect with people through visual storytelling is a significant part of my work, and my greatest strength as a photographer. I love to show people’s strength, beauty and courage through my images.

I also believe deeply in community and collaboration, and my work has opened doors to support women in the criminal justice system, women in domestic abuse and supporting women globally in their endeavours to create sustainable and profitable businesses. I have also partnered with The Australian Centre of History, UTS, The Paul Ramsay Foundation and the State Library NSW on the Darlinghurst Initiative.

I look forward to collaborating with you.


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